Data Centre Review

Data Centre Review - Solutions

Data Centre Review – Solutions


I have personally reviewed about 10 data centres in Sydney Australia and London UK.
If you are looking for co-location. This is to say your equipment in a 3rd parties premises.
You don’t really have too hard a job to compare. Obviously the sales people and actually
location will probably be the biggest or easiest deciding factors.

I have seen a data centre on the 16 floor in the centre of town and some very plain type
datacentres that just had lots of pc on racks. online gaming apartantly.

Security might be an issue so knocking on the door might not seem that much of an issue.

My last datacentre I chose was Equinix. The latest building in mascot never failed to impress
and all the team including the security never has faultable. The main selling point was that
they only wanted to be a data centre so weren’t interested in selling any cloud or add on services
and just did being a data centre and did it well.

If you are looking for a cloud partner then you probably have a much harder task as there is so
much more to look at and try to compare.